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Very colorful! They look like bags I'd actually use! lol It's the style which is why. :)

Yet, even being an Arashi fan now, you still haven't spent much on merchandise compared to these purses. I say it's a good thing.


I tried to be a bit more colorful with my bags since I wear mostly black.  XD  But yes, the price for one of these bags is probably comparable to the value of my entire Arashi collection (including the ones I already sold)!  So, Arashi was very good for me.  LOL


You're like me.. black on clothing too. XD

Arashi is still cheaper cause if you spent almost $1000 per bag, then wow. xD


Ahhh...I don't want to remember how much I spent on those!  XDD  BTW, I forgot to tell you that I gave in and bought the Jun otakara.  XD


Good point! You don't need to remember since Arashi has filled the spot. ;)

XD Oh well... it's Jun. tehe I'm waiting for mine cause I'm getting a HUGE package at work w/ all the DVDs and books. haha

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