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ahhh youre so lucky to have seen him in the flesh! thanks for sharing the short cam ^^

Tenjo Style

You're so lucky ^___^ Thanks to share your treasure with us! ^^


You're welcome!  I'm so lucky indeed as I joined the fandom just a few months before he came to LA!  XD


wow youre double lucky then! i hope he comes back to nyc one day so i can see him too T_T


You share so much Arashi stuff so I should be more thankful to you!  XD  Doesn't he look tiny?


Ahhh...you're from NYC!  I'm moving to north Jersey next month!  I'll add you ok?

Tenjo Style

Hai, He looks a bit tiny around all this tall people xD


oh north jersey thats semi close, depending on which city ^^; sure ill add you back ^_^


man that looks cute with all the fans waving bye to Jun. X3 this brings me back memories. ^________^


Omg omg omg. I'm so envious..! Thanks for the video <3.

alexis olson

This was before i joined vox so I did not know about it.  I could have easily gone, you have NO idea how envious I am of you :C

Jun looks AMAZING as usual :D :D  ahhh Jun, aishiteru!

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