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hi, i've seen your post while looking at the community. would you mind if


You have AAA Photobook? Erm, I wanna put dips on that!
Do you have ONE Concert pamphlet, also?
Ah and which CD's were you considering selling?
I'm looking to find a copy of ONE LE in particular but I don't mind hearing the others. :)


I definitely have the AAA photobook.  The green one, right?  I don't have the One con pamphlet...could have gotten it except that I found out I would be moving soon.  And yes, I have the One LE but I don't know if I can let that one go yet.  It was very hard to get.  But I will give you first dibs on it if I decide to let it go.


Heya Pnay-chan!

So... you're heading over to my side of the continent, huh?  YAY!!


Yes!!  I'm actually flying out on Friday for the 4th of July week.  Spending a whole week there...company shutdown.  I will give you a call if I can meet up.  Don't know our schedule yet. 


You totally owe me Boom Boom chicken! \(^_^)/

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