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LUCKY!!! xD I want those fan journals.. *drools*.. I really am into photo stuff. I should've been a photojournalist now.... get to interview people, take pictures... gar!

Well, I should start packing for my trip tomorrow. Too bad Mao and Jun will not be in Reno or Tahoe. *sighs* I didn't scan in the AAA in Dome photobook. So, nothing bent. ;) I still need to scan in everything else though. 


You going to Kino later?  Do you think H is already out?  You're gone the whole weekend right?  Coz my friend's daughter wants to see my Arashi stuff.  Can I get the photobooks so I can show her while you're gone?  You can borrow them again later.

And what are you doing online???  I was going to text you later.



I don't know. I have to go in that area to buy stuff for the trip anyways. It's on my way home. Well, what I can do really quick is meet you at Kino and you follow me to my place. My room is very messy. xD I can get the scanning in since they're small.

I'm using my laptop. XD I know.. it's bad.


I can scan them for you, if you want.  I'll be scanning the journals anyway.  I'll be scanning them at work.  High res, really quick too.  Let me know.  You think I can still order the old Cinema Square at Kino?  Someone is selling me a copy.  I'll be there same time. 


Which Cinema Square? Is it the one w/ the hat? *giggles* My fave photo shoot.

Well, you would have to follow me. I need to make  list of what I need to get now. I'll do it during lunch. xD


Yes, that Cinema Square!  I love that one!

So, you'll scan during lunch or go shopping?

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