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really. can i have it. thank you so much


Wow, when I read this I was so suprised, you are so kind and generous.. its kind of rare but such a good thing. If there isn't anything troublesome about location then I'm interested. Its hard to get arashi related stuff n UK


Could I have one as well, thanks




[いいですね] yes please??



Guess I'm too late.  Anyone else have an extra?  Willing to pay for it.  Pleeeaasee!




I guess I'm late XD You're so generous, really. A lot of people would be willing to pay a lot for that.

Aaaah... I'm dying to see the movie T___T I don't think it's going to be shown here in Indonesia.. and it'll takes ages for the dvd.


If you have any left, could I have one?  I want to give it to my sister to make up for the fact I gave up our reservations.

If not, I would like to thank you anyway for your generosity and for sharing. This is why Arashi fandom is amazing!



I first thought about selling it but you know, I got it for free.  I would hope that other fans would do the same about free stuff lie this.  Anyway, I'm so sorry that I can't accomodate everyone's request.  I don't know why I didn't get more since they didn't say there was a limit anyway.

Ok, I didn't really think too much about how I was going to pick who will get the pamphlet until after I posted it so I guess kikintae will get one since she's was first to reply.  The second one, what do you guys think?  Random drawing?  I've done that before when I gave away my Shopaholics series and it seemed to work.


Actually I think that's a great idea. I mean... then everybody get a fair chance. I don't mean to be selfish, really (and I'm sucks at random drawings XD) I just know the feeling of desperately trying to get a hard-to-find Jun's items :)

Oh, and I think whoever are lucky enough to receive it, perhaps they should help you pay for the shipping? I'm one of those who resides outside US


I guess I feel a bit disappointed, since technically I would be person two.... however, I agree that drawing would be a fair way of deciding it. If only I went to USC!! ;A; まつじゅぅぅぅぅん!!!会いた~い!!!


Actually, morochan is person two.  :)  I thought about giving it to someone who lives the farthest from me since kikintae also lives in Cali but I thought I'd make it more random.  It's mostly because most of us live in different timezones so we don't see the postings at the same time.  So this gives everybody a chance.


O.o woah.... how did i completely miss that everytime i looked at the posts?...... O_o;;;


Ah I couldn't get on the internet for the past couple of days so I was a bit behind on the news, anyway I think that random drawing is a great idea since its fair and I'm all for that. All the best to everyone and once again thank you Pnay for your generousity and for spearding the arashi love

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