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omg i just checked my email and i saw it!!

Jun's making me love him even more! X3 and i LOVE the last part of his email! *starts to float to fangirl heaven*


wow!!!!he is so lovely!!!!It's so great.
Wow I never thought that he will do something like this:)
Really Arashi American fan you are so great ^o^
He was moved, now I'm moved with this letter:)


I was really shocked when I saw the email too!  Really makes us love him more, doesn't it? 

Now, we'll just wait till he makes good on that last paragraph.  :)


I couldn't go but i received the mail too! he's so cute!!!! kya~ i couldn't believe when i saw it in my mail i though it was a joke XD


It really does, doesn't it?

As if I didn't adore him in the first place.  I really think that he's amazing, reaching out to his fans like this. (^_^)


this is sweet. he is so sweet.


WOW! i also wanted to receive email from him.. :( please send me his email. I am a big fan of him here in US. please! please! please! i beg you. hope i can hear replies on you guys. you can also send me emails if you want. thank you, i appreciated it.

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